Roger Stone

Roger was the dirty trickster mastermind of the hanging chads in Florida in 2000, helped get Bush 2 appointed Prez. Now he can work on the 2020 campaign, dirty tricks for the election, which will be a lot like 2000, the vote, it’s legitimacy questioned, the result, who counts the votes, which votes get counted.

Stone got busted for his supposed role with Julian Assange who he had no contact with until 2017, WikiLeaks published the DNC emails in 2016.

Stone lied to Congress and Mueller. Mueller said in his report that the Russian GRU hacked the emails, that Assange said he did not get from the Russians. Assange published the emails, not the Russians. The hacker Mueller talks about is actually a Romanian who was busted for hacking Bush 2. Did time in Romania for it. The speed of the download, I’ve been told, indicates that it was a thumb drive, not a remote hack, that produced the DNC dirt.

Roger Stone is free. Julian Assange is still in the depths of a British prison for telling truth to power, solitary confinement for extended periods of time, tortured really, his a First Amendment issue, ignored here in the USA. The Press here seems unconcerned about Freedom of the Press when it relates Assange. This chump Stone gets to meddle in another election.




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