Harley Creel
1 min readMar 21, 2023


Biden, Powell, Garland, seem to be at cross purposes, concerned with the politics of their positions in the present regime, while Trump proceeds with his mission.

Biden wants re election, a malady that both he and Trump have, the will to power. Partisanship, it the country’s enemy today, too few patriots, and many political opportunists in Congress, who think about themselves and their party, not the good of nation as a whole.

Powell failed to see the big picture, the consequences of his drive to suppress consumer demand by raising interest rates to suppress demand and slow markets. He raised them too quickly for the banking system, and banks have been crashing worldwide.

Garland appears to be in over his depth in a Constitutional crisis. Trump should have been charged a year ago with something like Georgia and “I just need 11, 780 votes, one more than I have,” by the Feds. It has been two years since Trump’s coup. This lack of action speaks volumes to the American public, the only charge, the least threatening, pending in New York City, Stormy Daniels, a tax charge, misrepresentation.

Biden faces an insurrection with politics as usual, a recipe for indecision, paralysis. Trump’s insurrection has momentum, it is critical that he be charged for his serious crimes. If he had been charged a year ago, the country would be in a different place.