Harley Creel
1 min readJun 13, 2024


It was not a happy time. Millions of dead souls because of a virus that went out of control throughout the planet. People have chosen to forget about the pandemic, I see this as a pandemic induced amnesia.

America has chosen to forget living through the pandemic and the anti public health people who used the pandemic to divide a country for political reasons and cost a lot of lives needlessly. These people in the political classes successfully demonized the medical profession among the Republican and Trump faithful.

The country lived the corona virus that Trump and his Republican anti science allies tried to ignore. The anti science mantra that swept the land killed a lot of people who for the first time in their lives chose to believe their politicians rather than their physicians, and they did it during a pandemic.

Today’s inflation is a product of corporate greed and market dislocations caused by the pandemic, and corporate America’s price fixing on essential goods and services.

The inflationary cycle remains because corporate America raised profits on essential goods and services and Congress has failed to act to regulate their greed. Both parties work for the same people differently. Corporate America funds the two political parties. Corporate America runs the economy, not the Federal Government.