Our Narcissist President

Nobody seems to want to go there. Mary Trump pointed out that this guy isn’t playing with a full deck, and his behavior supports that. Take mail in voting and absentee voting, which are essentially the same thing. The president of the United States refuses to recognize this fact.

There is definitely malfeasance involved with the 2020 election. The Postal Service is being sabotaged by the executive and the federal government. There is no doubt about it, it’s blatant, Republican candidate for President of the United States has said over and over that the election is rigged unless he wins. This is the statement of a sane person? Someone you want running the country?

Trump runs on a peculiar personal reality, which has nothing to do with the realities he is presented with as President. He may actually believes the virus will just fade away, but his magical thinking will have killed how many thousands of people by November 3, 2020, and he may get re elected, because the country may be as crazy as he is.

Biden’s the old guard, Trump, a self serving plutocrat, hoping to create an autocracy, a fitting goal for Trump, our narcissist President, a crazy man for crazy times.




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