Our American Paradox

People who are protesting are doing so because they feel powerless. The people in power have come to the accurate conclusion that the unrest, the worse it gets, gets the incumbent re elected. The government controls the narrative, the regime in power.

The pawns in the game, the protesters, could have policed the protests but that would require organization, they let the protests be infiltrated by provocateurs, and now are facing off with right wing militias. This will not go well for those protesters or their movement, the President has taken control of the narrative.

The continued protests will re elect an autocrat who has ignored the Constitution and his oath of office, it is what it is. Hitler did the same thing in 1933, successfully. If people had sense they’d realize that. They don’t. So Hail Trump if you continue to protest, masses, you are pawns in his game unless you wise up.

People protest but then don’t vote, an American paradox. The incumbent is an unlikeable person, self consumed, at times incoherent, so it is remarkable that he is even in the game, the race card, his Ace in the hole. Turnout will rule the day.




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