Not being duped

On the front burner, the Occupant of the Oval Office is creating a scenario, with the storm troops, the protests, to create martial law. Portland today, Seattle, Chicago, next, provoking protests, diabolical, and exactly what he wants. The bigger the protests, the larger the storm trooper response. It should go nationwide until election day. It is his shot at reelection.

The President figures that takes the edge off the raging pandemic, controlling the rabble taking center stage.

Since this is America, people may not figure this out. People haven’t figured out that the reason they have to protest, endlessly, and with very little success, they don’t have a representative government.

Riots are what the present administration is fomenting and the protesters are pawns in a game they are too disorganized to figure out, and will lose. The Chinese government is playing the same cards in Hong Kong.

This will not end well for the protests if they allow their movement to be turned into government repression, fed by the chaos that the federal government will perpetrate.

Don’t be duped. Next stop for the storm troopers, your city with a Democratic mayor, governor. Time to dial back the protests.




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