National Crisis, 9/19/20?

This minority government, governed by a minority by design, has reached an absolute reckoning with its institutional hypocrisy. How crazy is it going to get? The new justice in the new court or an 8 pack in the court, not the usual nine pack, will decide which votes get counted.

Shades of 2000 and the appointed President Bush 2, casts a reasonable scenario for the path forward. RBG voted against the decision, said the decision was motivated by politics, not the law, went down 5/4, Bush v Gore.

Now, this may be the tune for the election, with a 5/3., or 6/3 majority on the court, bag the election. Will, finally, a banana republic, be the new MAGA, make America great again, rig an election, 11/3/2020? The land of the free and the home of the brave a banana republic with a fixed election, not a remote possibility.


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