My first pandemic, 4/10/20

Yours, too, a moment in history where no matter how they spin the advertising, reality, a virus that is not listening to the politicians, and their opinion polls, and their chances of victory in November, which has led some to think they can talk their way out of a pandemic.

Now starts the reverse happy talk. Face facts America, this is like the flu, only kills old people, you’re young, healthy, you’re good, you’re old and in the way, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, sacrifices have to be made for the good of the nation.

The prisons, the detainment camps, we’re talking more than two million people, and the old folks homes, the Vets’ homes, they’ll have to face some bad times, but be realistic, say some business interests, the present administration.

This is my first pandemic, world wide epidemic, moves in cycles of infection, without herd immunity, the second wave, if you open society with a bang in May, will be worse than the first, without widespread testing things will not return to a new normal, it is an epidemic, the administration may think it calls the shots, the virus calls the shots.



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