Harley Creel
1 min readSep 14, 2020


Mass Hysteria, and Trump Rallies

That’s how to explain the new rallies, no masks, no social distancing, group collective illusions of threat and danger, whether imagined or not, that results in the fear of threat or danger that makes this projected fear within the group, this collective hysteria, a mass psychogenic illness.

These people will point out that their fears are real, the mobs, the anarchists, the Democrats, the rabble out to destroy the American way, tear down Confederate statues, destroy the country with their socialism, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, a couple of DNC establishment Democrats, Biden was Vice president in the previous regime.

The last couple or three rallies have been displays of defiance of science, the established view of the pandemic, and replacing it with Trump’s brand of toxic positivism.

These people are examples of mass hysteria, group think gone over the edge, and they reinforce the madness with each rally’s performance by their demagogue, who stokes and reinforces their fears with these rallies. Mass hysteria is Trump’s strategy, and it works. Worked in Germany in 1933.