Masks and tests, 4/8/20

I can’t get a mask. I wear a scarf as a sign of respect for other people. It’s a nice scarf, but why can’t I find a mask in exceptional America, good luck finding a mask.

Saw a shot of 65,000 people leaving Wuhan today wearing masks, there’s still a shelter in place order there, here, social distancing if your Governor wants it, and optional masks, you decide, the President believes in States rights.

China, where they have a billion people, everybody wears a mandatory mask. The President is an optimist and a cheerleader, you can’t get a test, the medical people can’t get PPE and as the President says, some States, they should be appreciative and stop complaining, the US government isn’t a shipping clerk.

You can’t get a mask, you can’t get a test. Who knows how widespread the virus is. They haven’t done the testing, although the President says anybody can get a test, and the test is the best.

NY should be out with it’s case and death totals this morning, Cuomo’s been informative, daily.



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