Looking for the fix

Both factions knew what the results of this impeachment would be. The House could have used inherent contempt to force witness there, chose not to, it’s in the Constitution, been done before.

Wall Street doesn’t want Bernie or Elizabeth, anyone else will do. The word is the fat cats prefer Trump.

Money runs the political system. Think about how much money, for the parties, the candidates, the media, will be generated by the election cycle.

Bloomberg just gave a bundle to the DNC, Mayor Pete has some big bucks donors, only Bernie and Elizabeth are not on the corporate dole.

The corporatocracy, our rulers, do not want Elizabeth or Bernie, so it won’t be? Very likely. The alternative to this candidate, the pompous plutocrat with his I’m a man of the people, hustle, he’s their guy.



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Harley Creel

Harley Creel

Wondering through an adventure in consciousness, clernfimmel.wordpress.com, has some stories.