Harley Creel
1 min readMay 23, 2023


In our post industrial intellectual World, the word socialism has meant community controlling the means of production, while communism describes, in intellectual terms, government control of the means of production. Reality as a construct along these lines means that today, big “C” Communism has come to mean a one party system in control of the means of production, China, Viet Nam, and Cuba, are examples.

Socialism is apparant as a community where the means of production are controlled by a particular community, and where that community is a community of a class of stockholders, stakeholders, and corporate boards, where corporations are considered people, and money speech, this community in control is corporate socialism, a particular community, a financial elite, who are the people are in control of these entities, are formally, a community, and that community is a form of corporate socialism.

Socialism for the rich, Wall Street, the Big Banks, the financialized economies of the world, practice corporate socialism, a particular community in control of economies, corporations, and control the means of production, a corporate socialism of and by financial elites, a world of financialized corporate socialism.