Learning from a pandemic

Pandemics force change. People resist change. They resort to magical thinking, wishful thinking, will reality away.

The fool in Brazil, the President here, they have their agendas and they don’t include the weak, the poor, the disadvantaged, the underemployed, or human values like compassion or kindness, or brotherhood, sisterhood, it’s all about them and theirs, the entitled.

100, 000 dead today, it looks like, the statistic. Reality is that you can’t wish it away, the virus.

The hard lesson is this society’s expediency, ruthlessness, and the self serving nature of the present ruling class. The for profit health care system is not working, today. There are 140 million poor people in America. Today there are 40 million unemployed.

Look at the stock market, the rulers are consolidating their wealth, not talking about a jobs program for what is now the former middle class. Learn from this or not. That is the question.




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