Julian Assange and Cabal Justice

Tin foil hat time: What Cabal? Look at what happened to this bozo. They have locked him up and thrown away the key. The Russians trip with Trump has nothing to do with Assange. The Swedes in 2012, then the Brits, had Assange diverted from civilian life to a British dungeon where he is being held to be extradited to the US for cabal justice.

What did he do? He exposed rigging a primary, Iraq war crimes, these facts had to be made irrelevant. Assange published this dirt.

How to accomplish the thrown away key plan? Enlist the Brits, the Swedes, the Aussies, the Ecuadorians, say: “Julian Assange got the emails from the Russians”, and bust him for something else, “conspiracy to hack with Manning,” who may also still be locked up. That’s what power is, nowhere a “Jim Dandy” to the rescue.

Who remembers the content of the DNC emails, election meddling by the DNC, or the Iraq war crimes published by Assange, a well known hacker. Why would Assange need the Russians? He’s said he didn’t. Why is what’s been done by a cabal of countries to this man ok?

Edward Snowden, had something to do with surveillance state exposure, still hiding out from cabal justice in Russia. If he’d been stuck in China, not Hong Kong, I wonder where he’d be today.




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