John Podesta

John of the Hillary emails was ojn talking to Chuck Todd, MSNBC, about the Russians hacking his emails and the Russians giving the emails to WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, said before he was thrown into a British dungeon, that he did not get the emails from the Russians. Ask Amy Goodman.

Nevertheless, it is common knowledge that Assange got the emails from the Russians because, because that story had been told endlessly. Curiosity indicates that a cabal of governments, so called democracies, have gone out of their way to destroy, silence, discredit and break this internet publisher who dug up dirt about them.

Assange had a track record for accurate reporting. The real mystery is how this man has been so successfully destroyed with no public outcry. Roger Stone is a dirty trickster, a political hack, he had nothing to do with John Podesta’s emails.

Why has Julian Assange been silenced? Why is his brutalization yesterday’s news? You want to know where he got the emails, let him tell you.




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