At the border now, Venezuelans, Cubans, Nicaraguans, all countries victims of the regime change policy instituted with James Monroe in 1823, warning European nations about meddling in the Americas, any of them.

The people fleeing these nations are a humanitarian crisis that requires International co operation. Haiti has been unable to resolve its history and is now run by criminal gangs.

The embargoes and sanctions on Venezuela and Cuba have not ended those regimes, and have resulted in the fleeing masses of humanity now a feature of life on the Southern US border.

The US regime change policies, and the success of criminal cartels has produced the present instability in Central America. The cartels bribe officials, destabalize local governments, and buy influence to stay in business.

An effective response to the cartels and human smuggling, and an end to the US regime change policies directed at the countries the migrants are fleeing, would improve the present reality at the Southern US border.




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