free Julian Assange 2/24/20

They’ve got their signs out in London, for the show hearing of a political prisoner, detailed war crimes in the Iraq invasion, the “weapons of mass destruction” ruse, killed how many people, has destroyed how many countries?

It was on the BBC this morning, people protesting the end of freedom of the press in Britain and the US, and the Swedes are complicit, Ecuador, they took a bribe, it’s a poor country, once again ruled by oligarchs.

Assange is an Australian, whose government has until recently denied climate change, they export coal.

Today’s question is will freedom if the press get any press in the US. This guy published abroad, is not an American, and the US government wants to send him to prison for life, or worse, solitary for life, for a trumped up charge, “conspiracy to hack” with Chelsea Manning’s war crimes material. It’s a political trial.

Why doesn’t the American press come to this man’s defense? Because it’s not in it’s enlightened self interest?



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