few bad apples

A possible mantra for Trump: Law and order, a few bad apples and law and order, the people don’t know they want it , may not know they want it, but they want it, “law and order.”

This seems to be the game plan for the next installment of Trump’s view of the reality he is presented with. He and Bolsonaro seem to be doing the worst jobs of any government leaders in dealing with crisis, in both cases, also crises of confidence in the administration.

So what time is it, “victim blaming time”. The present administration will turn the tide on the cries of racism and police brutality, and victim blame. The present administration has no real interest in police reform, any reform, that’s what make America great again is all about, continued rule by an elite, and the present Republican party.

The protests, Trump has leverage in the red states, for “the people want law and order” movement, their governors, and the logic could be that the stifling of dissent will serve as an excellent distraction from the virus.




Wondering through an adventure in consciousness, clernfimmel.wordpress.com, has some stories.

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