Harley Creel
1 min readMar 26, 2023



The fear of Tik Tok is a manifestation of the power of repeating and repeating and repeating until it becomes a given in the collective unconscious, Tik Tok is dangerous because it has 150 million or so American users, the information accessable by the Communist Party of China.

Edward Snowden pointed out quite well that these governments spy on everybody. The information Google or Facebook collects is sold to who knows.

The anti Tik Tok campaign makes as much sense as the 6o plus year embargo on Cuba. Tik Tok is now a symbol of the threat to America of the Chinese Communist Party, as the Cuba embargo symbolizes the Cold War mentality. A country of 11 million people that used to be an American colony, and came to symbolize the Cold War with the USSR, Cuba has been superseded by Tik Tok, and the Chinese Communist Party.

Regime change in Cuba and Venezuela are old and continuing dramas, Tik Tok is the new one, a bipartisan assessment as a threat to a nation where all data is for sale, and collected by all of the players, and available to all of these surveillance states. Oh well, crank up the fear machine, it works, Tik Tok is a threat to the nation, and repeat it and repeat it and repeat it, works.