Eviction pending

The public consciousness will wake up to this one if millions of Americans are evicted. Things will get really crazy. Will they vote, the evicted, where will they go, move in with family, friends, the car, roam the streets during a pandemic? There are millions of people in this country who face eviction in the immediate future. Visualize that, millions evicted in America.

The political class has to wake up or the chaos may take the country into a very bad place which will lead to either progress or oppression.

Oppression was avoided by FDR and his New Deal. The situation could have wound up like Germany in 1933, with a Hitler type strong man, Smedley Butler foiled the coup backed by corporate America then. This fact never has gotten much press.

Pandemics produce revolutions, always do. This one is in the middle of the first wave here, and rising, while the political class bickers.



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