for Trump and Biden means what regarding the mishandling of State Secrets and the Espionage Act of 1917?

Julian Assange, an Australian, has been in and out of jail for his hubris, publishing the Iraq War State Secrets, since 2010, nailed with the Espionage Act.

Somehow, a man who published abroad information hacked by Chelsea Manning, who was pardoned by Barack Obama, can still be locked up in England, awaiting extradition to the US, for publishing Manning’s forbidden State Secrets.

The Espionage Act, Biden will beat the rap. Biden beating the rap means Trump will now probably beat the rap.

Assange, a poor bozo, who thought he could tell truth to power, expose war crimes and malfeasance, and get away with it, freedom of the press. He has been snared by the Espionage Act of 1917, and is still locked up in a British Prison. He’s a flight risk, awaiting extradition by the Biden administration, published US State Secrets, published by both the NY Times, and Washington Post, none of whose employees has been charged, just Assange.




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