Harley Creel
1 min readJun 11, 2024


Russia has it. So does China. Most despots, installed by corporate and international interests, by the Russians, the US, China, etc., the players run a simple game: They are in charge. Do not question authority, do not make waves.

Alexey Navalney’s fate is a fine example of despotic reality at work on a democrat.

Despotism is a fifty fifty chance here in la la land. When the rich line up their interests with people who are despots, where democratic values have become passe, the rule of law becomes what the despot’s interests says it is.

The trials of one presidential candidate are on hold because of a court system that has fallen to the capture of partisan interests. The candidate says the legal system is broken, and doubts the validity of the next election unless he wins.

Despotism is not nice. The leader calls the shots. Dissent is done. They decide. You have nothing to say about it. Shut up. Do what you are told. Have a nice day.