Don’t Count the Votes?

The postal service has been sabotaged by the present incumbent, his minions, including Supremes, that noble bunch, have a problem with counting votes postmarked before the election or on that day, because they can, it’s part of the plan to destroy the legitimacy of the election.

You can’t count on the postal service getting your ballot in on time. I mailed mine on 10/16, the day I got it, it had to travel from 8th St to 4th St, and took till 10/22, that’s four blocks.

If the restrict the votes long lines at specific polling stations don’t work, if enough votes can’t be suppressed, this laughing stock of a country, approaching banana republic status, may survive this assault on it’s democracy by people who have not sworn an oath to the incumbent, but to the Constitution of the United States.

I like bananas, and it is altogether fitting that the USA, after creating banana republics all over the world, is, with this election, for all appearances, approaching banana republic status.

The key to this status as a banana republic will be resorting to the legal system to deny the votes of the citizenry for technical reasons. The hanging chads of this election will be mail in ballots and the courts, unless the vote is not close. So go to the polls, a drop box if there is one, you can’t trust the mail anymore.



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