Defunding the Post Office

The only Government agency viewed favorably by most of the American public is on the chopping block. Why?

Disruption is the name of the game for the present administration. They have an ideology that says that government is bad, privatization is good. If they could defund the entire social welfare system and actually pursue social Darwinism, I expect they would go there.

A fine monkey wrench for the 2020 election is the administration’s drive to prevent mail in voting for the general election in November, during a pandemic, send the rubes to the polls.

The Democrats don’t have a clue. They spent their leverage on pork to get re elected, the self interest bills, now they’re up a creek? It will be interesting, can these weak, self serving people at least accomplish mail in voting during a pandemic, it’s a toss up. They are that weak, ineffective, the loyal opposition. Can they fund State and local governments, prevent mass layoffs of the pandemic first responders and essential workers, that’s a toss up, too.




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