Harley Creel
1 min readJul 29, 2020


Defunding Democracy

How can the democracy in America be defunded? Don’t fund the elections in the States, don’t fund the Post Office, don’t allow mail in and absentee voting, and when people go to the polls, produce screwed up voting systems at the polls, real chaos, and question the legitimacy of the election non stop going forward.

The political class should realize that if the election is incredible, a mess like the primaries, defunding democracy of the representative kind seems to be the next step in the devolution of the American Republic.

A good place to start is not funding State and local governments, create as third world an atmosphere as possible.Trump has already slowed mail delivery to up to 5 days for First Class Mail. This defunding the Post Office should create havoc with mail in voting, by delaying delivery, voiding votes not received on election day should create the chaotic events required to discredit the validity of the election processes in the States.

This election may be a last stand for America’s reputation in the world. The House of Representatives has to insist on funding the election and the Post Office, nothing passes unless the vote is funded. They can do that, they have the votes. Will they? Maybe not.