Lying about the weather and the pandemic didn’t really work, did it. All of those people who said climate change was a hoax and that the pandemic was a hoax have those realities, the truth has not set them free, and it has not shut them up.

Stop the steal is losing its currency, Trump has affiliated with QANON, and the Republican party at the same time embraces both Trump and family values, parent centered education, but what does that mean? Their faction’s family values, that reality.

The hurricanes and national disasters, the war mongering for profit and ego and imperialism, are not alternate realities. The world needs sane people to do something out of their self interests to stop choosing to believe people who are selling them cons.

Wars are not good. Insurrections in a democracy are nation threatening. Pandemics can’t be ignored. Community, compassion, kindness, are good, meanness, cruelty, lack of respect for the rights of others are bad. Greed is not good. The end does not justify the means.

Common sense says to have respect for the truth during this crisis in confidence in ourselves as a human community. It is human nature, humans have a natural capacity to be conned successfully, a continuing quality of the human condition. Humans are too easily fooled and led, many, they want to believe.




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