Bamboozlement, the Post Office, and “el wall”

The new Postmaster General considers himself the CEO of the Postal Service. The ‘service” wasn’t designed to have a CEO. It is the county’s only real public service. He said to the political circus Senate panel that it would cost 8 billion a year to fund the Postal Service. The sales trip is that the country can’t afford this public service, all of those employees, it has to be privatized, turn a profit. Why? Because the big picture is the end of this public service. The small picture is suppress the vote. Bamboozlement.

The US government is going to spend 740 billion on the Defense Department pursuing the interests of a financial elite that runs the nation. The hegemony and dominion operation the country can afford, the Defense Department does make a profit for the stakeholder class, an actual manifestation of National Socialism that the country refuses to acknowledge. The entire surveillance state returns profits to stakeholders, stockholders, corporate interests and government working together, national socialism.

The oldest government agency needs to be privatized, the work force reduced, services cut to 5 days a week, because the government can’t afford 8 billion a year to run the Postal Service?

Each F 35 fighter costs between 94 and 122 million. A nuke sub costs 3.4 billion. This is corporate welfare, the profits go to the shareholder class, the richest people in the world, and the US will fund 740 billion worth of this “Defence” spending.

So, can’t afford the Postal Service, or a public health system to handle the pandemic, there are bread lines, with cars, in America, but the Military Industrial Complex boondoggle, no problem. Trump diverted 7 something billion in Defense Department pork to his wall this year, something like 11 billion total so far and counting for “el wall”.




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