Harley Creel
1 min readMar 31, 2023



Shut the sucker down to pressure the Congress to pass an assault weapons ban, we did it with Viet Nam. That was when a lot of the country said enough of this colonial adventure with imperialism, the draft, the self interest of the masses who did not want to die in a war of choice by the American ruling classes did end the war, but it took years.

Shut down the schools for a week, declare an anti gun madness week, the kids will have to organize college and high school campuses like they are doing in Iran, those brave girls.

Rise up, copy the French, they’re in the streets over pensions, here it’s about 400,000,000 guns in a country where most gun sales are now assault weapons, and the ability for someone to continue the madness of these spectacles of the dead, massacred, then hopes and prayers from the political class.

A strike not likely here and now, the country is busy with its uncivil war tearing the nation apart, the gun craze led by Republicans in Congress and State houses, an accompanyment to their sedition and insurrection, our democracy today.