“America, love it or leave it”

This mentality never left and they support Trump. The people at his new rallies, outside, few masks, they’re rich people, and unlike poor people, have access to testing for corona virus whenever they want, maybe that’s why they don’t wear masks at these new events, a kind of in your face trip, the entitled acting entitled.

“America, love it or leave it” is a holdover of a colonial mentality, don’t move over, get out of the way. I never got over when I was a kid in school, that the West had been sold by France to the USA, which must have come as a surprise to the people who had been living there for thousands of years. It was expediency based on racism, it is alive and well today as “America. love it or leave it”, a country built on theft of land and the theft of souls, slavery.

If you really love America, are a patriot, why would you want to start a race war? Demographics will out in the end. “ America, love it or leave it,” isn’t back, it never left. Viet Nam was a colonial enterprise sold as patriotism, this Trump regime is just trying to get re elected any way it can. The regime’s attempt to ignore the pandemic will not end well for anybody. Today, 6.01 million cases, 183,000 dead, at least 100,000 more projected by December, how do you ignore so much, you don’t care. “America, love it or leave it,” is ironic, the pandemic response has been so ineffective you can’t leave.



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