Biden, an old Cold Warrior, is willing to fight his proxy war to the last Ukrainian. Ukraine and Russia have both had about the same number of military casualties, 100,000, the Ukrainians have had 40,000 civilian casualties.

American Presidents are not good at finding peace, war is an almost continuous fact of life in the invisible empire that is funded first every Congress, but is never talked about, 800 installations in how many nations, not a subject of discussion, there is now an Africa Corps, and a Space Corps, and the war in Ukraine is killing innocent people, whose country is now in ruins.

It took 20 years to get out of Afghanistan, now run by the Taliban, once more, who say they had nothing to do with 9/11 to this day. Who knows? WMDs, the Gulf of Tonkin, these were actual misrepresentations that led to conflict, Iraq and Viet Nam suffered the consequences.

It will be a cruel winter war, US top generals want a truce in Ukraine, at least talks, find a diplomatic solution. Ukraine has been advised by the Biden administration and its advisors to keep up the good fight.

Europeans, the Ukrainians, should do what makes sense, find a route to negotiations with the Russian autocrat. The US and Russia are acting in their self interests, Europeans should remember that, and act in theirs.


Veterans Day



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