Harley Creel
1 min readMay 25, 2024



In our era, countries that have people who want to get along with one another are likely to have democracies, representative governments. Does this idea make sense? A society’s cultural tolerance and temperament affect governance.

From this it would follow that people who don’t want to get along don’t want to have democracies. There are in modern societies social contracts, written or unwritten, and the citizens create the template for the society.

America is at a turning point it may not recover from any time soon. It may lose it’s democratic tradition, its social contract, the US Constitution.

Inflation and the economy are controlled by market forces controlled by corporations, the banks, not the Federal Government.

Insurrections like Trump’s are about control of governance by an autocrat, and his rule. The people’s role in his government will be as “subjects”, subject to the rule of one Donald J Trump and his sychophants, not as citizens in a republic. He will rule over his subjects as he sees fit for as long as he can.