Harley Creel
1 min readMay 23, 2024



Pithy, accurate, evocative, shades of Charlottesville. and “they will not replace us,” a dystopian mantra of the radical right. These people who call themselves “conservatives” I call reactionaries. What are they conserving?

They are conserving a myth, a mythical place that exists in their minds, a Christian, White, autocracy where only their opinions are valid.

Making decisions based on religious dogma by unelected sychophants, lawyers, motivated by partisan patronage and their personal beliefs, the Supreme Court is not a non partisan body interpreting the US Constitution. The non trial of Donald J Trump is a political act by the Court. This is New Reich stuff.

Voting to end the democracy in November will do that. It’s either the old guard of a republic that is run by corporate elites, or an autocracy run directly by those interests, no democracy in the way, a New Reich, like Hitler had.