A free and fair election, 11/3/20

The world is watching the American attempt at a free and fair election.

Voter suppression is a a major theme in this election because the President has made it so. In American history has the franchise itself been questioned by a previous sitting President, I don’t think so.

The Iranians were making fun of the election today, the Iranians. If there is voter suppression in swing states to the extent that lots of ballots are tossed out, it’s going to sour the outcome.

The more the courts get involved, they will sour the outcome of the election. In a free and fair election the votes get counted. It is important to stress reality: You suppress the vote, you haven’t run a free and fair election.

If it looks to the world that the US couldn’t conduct a free and fair election, the world will see it and take notice. Truth has its consequences.




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