A COUP during a Pandemic?

The pandemic has world wide made “separate but equal” apparent as unequal in the USA. Education, health care, housing, employment, the haves and the have nots are readily apparent in the cultural reality, the unrest, the racial tension, the misery for the poor that make up about half the population.

The coup, if enjoined, is due to white fright, the fear that there are so many in the underclasses, that if they vote, the patriarchy will fall, and this Autumn of a patriarchy can only be maintained with voter suppression, don’t count the voters.

The template for the bloodless coup in 2000 will fit the bill. This time it’s mail in ballots, not hanging chads. Have the courts stop the count, have the incumbent declared the winner by the Supreme Court after the Federal courts reject millions of “fraudulent ballots”.

Trump can not pull this off alone. If it occurs, the unraveling will not be subtle, will be consistent everywhere, chaos, riots. Stay tuned 11/3/2020, for a peaceful transition of power in America? Maybe, if Trump wins.




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