The people both American political parties work for, the donor class, the billionaires, the old money, the new money, is why the rich are not being taxed, they are calling the shots.

Social Security, which may default, with the default, can be easily fixed by raising the cap, which is $140, 000. This would require rising taxes on the donor class, which rules.

Trump’s tax cut for the very rich has put an 8 trillion hole in the budget, and the slaves to the donor class in both parties, it is a plutocracy after all, rule…


It is being sold by the talking heads as a massive spending bill, and it is over ten years, the regular citizens’ relief bill, 3 and a half trillion. It is a bill filled with programs for the people who do pay taxes. The rich, as we all know, particularly, the super rich , the very rich, the 600 or so billionaires, don’t pay taxes, they have the government wired; it works, they pay no taxes, or token amounts.

The war machine, homeland security budgets, are yearly, and are at least 825 plus 98, plus 25 for…


These people believe the pandemic enablers, the members of the chattering class selling the pandemic as an expression of American freedom, the real American spirit, say no…


The lesson they should have learned, maybe, don’t care to learn, that it was a failed colonial adventure. Stubbornness, watched the hearings with the Sec of State, some of it, Congress, the House, on C-Span, 9/13/21, a regular political circus, partisan politics, the Afghan adventure, capturing the 9/11/01 masters of disaster, the designated plotters of the Arabs with boxcutters, what went wrong since?

The masters of disaster in Cuba, they who were bagged in Afghanistan, 20 years later, think of the lives of these people, who haven’t been tried, or convicted of anything, but have…


Personal freedom trumps public health, say the chattering class, while on 9/13/21, World, 219.456 m cases, 4,5547,782 deaths, US 41 m cases, 659,806, deaths, a pandemic that there are vaccines for, and we live with political cravenness, pandemic enablers ,and their death cult, because humans will always confound themselves, won’t get vaccinated, won’t wear masks, defy public health, a death cult response to a pandemic, and the virus, denial.

The official total of dead in the US pandemic hysteria experience, a death agenda, an unpleasant, solitary death agenda, a non consciousness trip, a reality, the…


Enemies. Without them where do the war machines, hegemony, dominion, national corporate socialisms, keep the runs they are on running? Enemies are required.

Listen to the…

9/11, AGAIN

All day, adherence to the official reality. Arabs with boxcutters took over planes they couldn’t fly, flew accurately across a number of states in a number of planes…


Surprise, this essentially human services bill, the for the people stuff, will have its share of pork, but it’s people pork, like child care, and affordable college, and relief for the 140 million, pandemically enhanced, poor Americans, and it proposes 3.5 trillion, over ten years, not one, by taxing the donor class, the rich, who rule here.

The clowns in Congress spend 800 billion on the war machine, 98, billion on so called homeland security, every year, deficit spending for corporate socialism, and socialism it is, for the donor class.

Every year, that’s 9 trillion over ten…


America’s longest war is on going, the imperial adventure, a big budget item, deficit spending fears don’t apply to the endless power trip, world dominance, the power…


The war machine budget, this year, closing in on 800 billion, then there’s the Homeland Security budget, 98 billion, yearly, not once in a lifetime, corporate welfare, pursuing the interests of the rich, and it is a bipartisan endeavor, and socialism, with government control of the means of production

There will be no wake up call for the ruling class handouts, generously supplied by both parties to their donors in the ruling class.

There are no parades here for the laboring class. The class issue, 140 million here, living a couple of paychecks from…

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