It’s come up again because of the Q conspiracy. 9/11 remains a mystery to me, the scenario rings hollow, the official story, exactly that.

Steel framed buildings are designed to resist fires, plane crashes. They have a steel exoskeleton, and only three in the history of steel framed buildings have melted into piles of molten metal. They’ve been around since 1882, Chicago. The third building was brought down by fires and explosions, no plane crashed into that building. It isn’t mentioned in the official 9/11 report, Building 7.

The first responders are dieing from the toxic clouds from the buildings as they exploded, producing those toxic clouds. Kerosene, the fuel in the planes, burns at 700f, so what caused the explosions? There’s no record of explosions in the official report.

I have no idea who flew those planes into those buildings. The official report says it was Arabs with box cutters. Box cutters, I don’t see much chance of taking over planes full of people, a couple of guys with box cutters in each plane.

It did sell, 9/11, watch a tape. Watch the buildings fall from the explosions into piles of molten metal. What caused the explosions, the toxic clouds that covered the tragic scene, not kerosene.




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